Meet our staff

  • PASTOR Zeke Flores

    Pastor Zeke is the senior pastor here at Calvary Chapel Phelan and has been serving faithfully since 1999 when he came on staff as the youth pastor. Before being ordained as the youth pastor, he had been attending Calvary Phelan since 1987. He was saved on November 21st 1979 and married his wife, Blanca, a year later in October 1980. They have three kids and five lovely grandchildren. Pastor Zeke came on as the Senior Pastor in 2012 and has been a faithful steward of the body since. Click here to email Pastor Zeke.

  • pastor Daniel flores

    Assistant Pastor Daniel grew up here in Phelan and then moved to the Santa Fe Springs area when he was 18.  He started really following Jesus at that time, got involved in a small Calvary Chapel in the area, and became the youth pastor in 2011.  In 2015, the Lord called him back to Phelan to serve as an Assisting Pastor. He is passionate about his wife and his three kids, loves baseball, traveling for good food, and building things out of wood.  He helps with the Young Adult Bible Study, Missions, and helps run the church office.  Click here to email Pastor Daniel.

  • pastor Jacob garcia

    Assistant/Youth Pastor Jacob has been attending and serving the fellowship for a little over five years. He was brought on staff in July of 2016 as a full time Youth Pastor. He is happily married to his wife Sara and they have three beautiful kids. He has a passion to teach youth God's Word and help them grow in their faith and knowledge of Jesus. Click here to email Pastor Jacob.

  • Ann litch

    Ann is the administrative assistant to the Senior Pastor and has been serving in the church office since 1986. She was saved in 1975 and was then married to her husband Craig four years later. They have two kids and four lovely grandchildren. Throughout the years, she has oversaw the Kings Kids ministry for 28 years, directed Children's ministry, served in the Women's ministry, and wherever there was a need for service. Click here to email Ann.

  • Danitza pearson

    Danitza is the administrative assistant to the Assisting Pastoral staff and has been serving in the church office since the summer of 2016.  She administrates and organizes in various ministries behind the scenes at the church.  She enjoys fellowship and traveling across the states. Her passion is to serve the Lord wherever He leads, and to show love to his people.

    Click here to email Danitza.